Dear friend,

Welcome back!

The summer break gives us the chance to step back a little and take a breath. Even if you are full steam involved in your work, there is something intangible about the summer months that pulses differently - attitude, less traffic, time for more conversation. 

One of the delights of summer vacation is reading. So I want to share with you my discovery of a fascinating book on "The Secret Life of Trees".  Trees communicate by means of olfactory, visual,  electrical signals (via a form of nerve cell at the tips of the roots),  and sound!  Are trees not silent?  Well, a number of scientists have quite literally had their ears, or rather their measuring apparatuses, to the ground.  They found that when roots of seedlings are exposed to a crackling at 220 hertz,  they oriented their tips in that direction.  Even neighboring seedlings not directly involved in the experiment responded the same way. This opens up an entire world of questions about the wellbeing of organisms, doesn't it? The quality and the pitch (or frequency, to be scientific) of the sounds in our environment - one wonders how much that can affect our ability to be healthy, especially when it concerns children.  And begs the question if there is an effect that translates into  specific qualities of woods - woods chosen for instruments: the soundboards for pianos, the wood for string instruments. Maybe Stradivarius had a secret.....Just for fun, if you want to hear what 220 hertz sound like,  I included a link below.

Now, to the meat of this newsletter: what is Dranoff doing this year?

Our 2016/2017 Season is small, but powerful.

We are celebrating a new partnership with the ground-breaking Nu Deco Ensemble in our first concert in January at the New World Symphony.  The program is very eclectic and exciting, giving both Duo Yoo & Kim and the Nu Deco Ensemble the  stage to each do what they do best individually, and jointly. We will present the Miami premiere of the new concerto for 2 pianos and orchestra by Frederik Sixten, commissioned by Erik Ochsner - thank you, Maestro -  and receiving its world premiere in New York last season with the Sonos Orchestra under his baton. 

February will bring Piano Slam 9 to the Arsht Center.  We welcome back Bobby Mitchell and introduce the Australian  pianist Ashley Hribar in a new concert program includes DJ Brimstone 127, the incredible dancers of Augusto Soledade Brazzdance and of course this year's finalists of the Piano Slam poetry competition. All directed by Teo Castellanos. Fasten your seatbelts!

March brings the wonderful Duo Genova & Dimitrov to the Coral Gables Congregational Church. Their deep understanding and commitment to the repertoire of classical 2 piano music enchants audiences and music critics alike.

This year again we are offering our season ticket pass. Save 15% when you purchase the VIP season tickets by December 1. Act now so to receive and invitation to join other season subscribers and friends of the Dranoff at a private salon concert at my home in early December.  I cannot wait to welcome you.

Elizabeth and Marcel Bergmann have just released a new CD, American Stories for 2 pianos, with music by Bernstein, Corea, Metheny, Piazzolla and Gismonti in arrangements by Marcel. Have a listen below.

Lastly, please make sure to save November 17 in your calendar. It is Give Miami Day, and our biggest fundraiser. More information to come. 

Oh - the 176 in the subject line?  2 pianos with 88 keys each.

Warm regards,

Gabriele Fiorentino
President, Dranoff Board



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