APRIL 2015

Dear Friend -     

In my role as president of the board, I have been in touch with many of you over the past year and had many a wonderful exchange about your likes and dislikes,  your ideas and suggestions.  Today, I want to continue the exchange by asking for your support.

We started our Fund Drive last month with a goal of $60,000; several incredibly generous commitments have moved that balance to $30,000. Will you help move it to zero? To donate, please call us, find the information on our website.

Our season ends of this month with Piano Slam 7.   And what a season it has been!   Between October and now, Dranoff laureates performed over 50 different pieces of duo piano music in Miami, Bogota and Medellin, including music for multiple keyboards and percussion as well as piano duet and voice. I think we are making our point:  rumors of the limited repertoire for this art form are being laid to rest.  Firmly.

Last month, Bang the Ivories brought together 2 pianos and percussion.  The program was developed by Maarten Van Veen in collaboration with his piano partner, Ralph van Raat and the percussionists Colin Currie and Ben Ramirez. This concert was, in a way, the perfect way for us to complete a season we internally referred to as "Two Pianos Plus":  taking the art form to new limits, but doing it in a manner that introduces the new along with the known.  I don't know about you, but I find that when I get exposed to something new, particularly something that forces me to stretch myself  (metaphorically speaking)  it takes the cobwebs off my eyes, ears and brain and allows me to experience the familiar in a new way.  

Richard Brownscombe, who attended the concert, wrote this to me:  "Thank you so much for Bang the Ivories.  Beginning in the early 70's in San Francisco, Stephen Hill began producing Hearts of Space radio, contemporary digital music that was sometimes exciting to my ear.  I was a fan. I rediscovered some of that enjoyment last night albeit from a very different point of view.  I do enjoy new sounds and music.  The wonderful live performance is a special treat for me.  I have a new respect for the melodic range of timpani, among other discoveries."

To quote Charles Greenfield, "it would not be Spring in Miami without Piano Slam." 
Indeed!  Now in its 7th (!!) year, Piano Slam continues to improve with each iteration.  Please make sure to put April 30 on your calendars for the culminating concert event at the Arsht Center, our partner.
It is with sadness that we say "Farewell" to a great man, Kirk Landon. The smile in his eyes, his deep and unwavering commitment to his community, his bolos, his unique perspective - Kirk will be missed.

Great 2 piano repertoire played by extraordinary artists has been precisely the intent of this season's programming by Erik Ochsner,  with the willing and open-minded "complicity" of the artists.  And although our official season is over, the great music continues Sunday, May 17th with Film goes Classical, a fundraising concert in collaboration with the Coral Gables Art Cinema. The next newsletter will provide details.

In the meantime, please contact me  with any questions or comments.  I  invite you to become involved with us, to support us, and mostly,  to enjoy our music!

Warm regards,

Gabriele Fiorentino
President, Dranoff Board



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