The Happy New Year feels as though it is well underway. Here is a very brief recap of the many things I would like to share with you;  to read more, find details in the appropriate sections below.

First and foremost, our new website is up. I want to personally thank one of theDirectors of our Board, Fabrizzio Busso-Campano. His company, Marketorum, has underwritten the development of the site, and hosts it for us along with the Piano Slam website. It is beautiful and elegantly puts a lot of information at your fingertips. Thank you, Fab and your team. 
While you are perusing the website, please find out about the Competition Inaugural Concert on March 8, 2013 at the Gusman Hall of the University of Miami. The Artistic Directors of the Competition, Aglika Genova & Luben Dimitrov, will include in their performance some of the works commissioned for previous competitions, including the Lilliburlero by Sir Richard Rodney Bennett.

I am sorry to say that Sir Richard passed away. He had become a great friend to us, a generous man who gave as prodigiously of himself as had been his interest in music and performance during his life.

What would you like to know about the live auditions?

By December 20th, the jurors of the regional rounds had identified 8 duos who will now spend their next 4 months without a life aside from that in front of the black and white keys of their pianos. Meet them further down in the newsletter.

Please consider joining our host family circle in opening your home to host those young artists.  It is an important gesture to them, and a wonderful experience for you, the host.  That is how I was introduced to The Dranoff; the relationships that began in 2001 have blossomed into friendships, and my love for the art form is a direct result of that first time I welcomed two young women from Israel, Diana Shapiro and Stanislava Varshavsky, into our family. (They now live, teach and perform in the United States).  

In this space, I would like to thank the jurors: in Beijing, Tong Bo; in Hannover, Germany, Roland Krüger; in Chicago, Edward Turgeon. And of course, Aglika Genova and Luben Dimitrov, who wore the hats of both organizers and of jurors.

I also want to thank Carlene Sawyer, our Executive Director for her ceaseless dedication to the Dranoff. The planning skills and production experience she brings to the foundation will ensure that it raises this, her third, competition to an ever higher standard.

Also in December:  a joint project together with the Alejandra Von Hartz Gallery, called Point Counter Point. The vision is to explore the relationship between visual arts and music. Please have a look below.

Piano Slam 5. Yes, this is the 5th year we are producing this collaborative, cross-discipline project!  It puts student poets on the stage together with award winning professional musicans, directed by Teo Castellanos, himself a multiple award winner. Ever evolving, Piano Slam 5 will present some surprising new elements.

This year's Jury Literary Chair is the poet John Murillo. He joins the award winning writers Campbell McGrath, Tarell Alvin McCraney and  Edwidge Danticat, all prior jury chairs.  For those of you who want to find out more, please read below.

There are a number of others whom I need to introduce, but then this would not be a newsletter, but a newsbook.  Next month!

Please let me remind you again to buy your Season Tickets now.  For a mere $180, you can enjoy 9 performances (general seating) of world-class music, discover young, professional talent and be part of the incredible energy at the Arsht Center during Piano Slam. Please click on the link to the right for more.  

Warmest regard!

Gabriele Fiorentino



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